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Til the Chows Come Home


Houston Chow Chow Banner Etsy

Welcome to ‘Til the Chows Come Home! Our goal is to provide you with that something special for a great price and we ship out to you within 1-3 business days (custom orders excluded)!

Every purchase over $30.00 receives $5.00 off if you use coupon code: SAVEtheCHOWS

Purchases over $50.00 (after discounts) receive a FREE cosmetic bag!

Most of our handmade items can be customized to your personal standards – you only need ask! Please send us a message with any questions or requests!

The money from EVERY purchase goes to assist the rescues at Houston Chow Chow Connection. Visit us at: Find Us On Facebook or HCCC – HOUSTON Chow Chow Connection – Rescue to see your dollars at work!









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Til the Chows Come Home is a collaborative of dog lovers and rescuers that dedicate their time, efforts and talents toward helping the rescued pups at Houston Chow Chow Connection in Houston, Texas.

Our shop traces its origins back several years to the works of Dianne Watson. Dianne dedicated much of her young life to saving homeless Chows in north and west Texas. In her memory, Houston Chow Chow Connection continues her passion of uniting Chow Chows with perfect forever families.

HCCC began rescuing in 2013 and rehomed over 85 dogs in our first year! Our dogs found homes on the east and west coasts of the U.S. and have traveled north and south! As we continue to rescue and rehome more and more Chows, our costs grow. As many of you may know, rescuing animals takes money. Not only is there the typical care and upkeep (including food and general veterinary care), some of our rescues need specialized treatments.

At HCCC we don’t pick and choose the dogs we rescue – they pick us. While the majority of our rescues are healthy, we never turn our backs on homeless Chows with physical issues or disabilities. Some of our incoming babies have suffered long-term and extensive neglect. New HCCC dogs may require spay/neuter, shaving due to extensive matting, entropion and/or hip replacement surgeries, treatment of skin problems and a variety of other issues.

We acquire much of our financing through donations and fund-raisers. At a monthly fund-raising event, one of our designer/donators suggested that we sell some of our donated items on Etsy. Assembling a small team of craftspeople and collectors of vintage items, we began our Etsy store. …’Til the Chows Come Home! We are intent on and dedicated to store growth, and we hope you will “stay tuned” as we introduce a wider variety of items with one sole purpose – helping our rescues find a home.

We are an entirely volunteer-driven 501(c)(3) organization with no administrative costs. All funds from your Etsy item purchase will go directly to our rescues. Check out our website for adoptable Chows and Chow mixes and follow us on Facebook for the latest news!

Please help us provide our Chow babies with the quality of life they so richly deserve.